Wednesday, 26 August 2009

first asos purchase

Browsing through ASOS has been a regular thing for me to do..specifically when I'm waiting for Gossip Girl/Entourage/True Blood to load..slow internet I know..I was a bit apprehensive to buy online though as usually pictures are heavily retouched.

These brogues were in the Clearance section at 12 pounds. Great design. Check. Great price. Check. Great replacement for my old brogues. Check. I figured it would be made of cheap material but hey there's no harm in engaging in fast fashion once in a while. Take note! Just once in a while.

They arrived one time with the 3 day delivery. The box was just taped once; luckily no harm done. The box was crushed though. Thanks to the plastic pillows the shoes were unharmed. I was so happy the shoes looked exactly the same!

I was right with the materials; they are definitely nowhere near leather and I already have a small scratch on it. Nevertheless, I am very happy with my new shoesies!!! In fact, I wore them today for my first day at my new internship. Teamed my ASOS brogues with the outfit below..Sorry forgot to take a pic..

Now let's see how long they will last. I was almost fuming when a mom nearly ran a pram through my brogues on my way home! Luckily, they were okay, suprisingly without a single scratch..maybe it was the rain.

PS. Can the powers be please please reorder these black & white brogues...I promise to buy!