Thursday, 12 February 2009

on shop tripping and the vibrating mascara

I was walking through Selfrges today to see new Chanel earrings when I wondered through the beauty section. And as always, when I'm shop tripping, I pick a brand and give the sales staff a bit of a test on how they really know their product. I've been doing this ever since a friend told me that for some brands they only train the temps on the day. I think for Selfridges you can single them out. Check out for badges with names rather than ones just saying Sales Associate. I assume Sales Associate badges are just distributed on the day. It's not to say that all temps are bad at their job. In fact last night, at Bare Minerals, the one with the Sales Associate badge was better than the one with the name badge.

Anyway...on to the vibrating mascara. First question for the sales staff was if it was battery operated. She said yes and that the battery lasts as long as the mascara does...3 months. Now ladies, there's more reason to throw away this one after it's intended shelf life. You don't really want a "non vibrating" vibrating mascara would you? Then I asked what I can do if the battery ran out. And she just repeated herself saying, "No it will last as long as the mascara does." So I'm assuming no batteries sold for this one. Then she said or you can still use it without the vibration. Bingo! Wrong answer...she just said the product can still be attractive without it's unique selling point..very bad...again who would want a "non vibrating" vibrating mascara? LOL

I asked her to apply it for me because I was afraid of blinding my eye with the vibrating weird it is to say that! You really couldn't feel it move much. In Elle, it has been mentioned that Oscillation moves upwards and downwards instead of sideways. I guess that would explain why you didn't need to use force in helping your lashes to curl upwards. No need for pre-mascara eyelash curling as well! Your lashes will be nicely separated so you can say goodbye to your lash comb too.

I wanted to try it for a night out but alas prediction of snow stopped the girls from heading out. I fell asleep for a while and it smudged as expected. The good part is that even after wearing for about 8 hours my eyes still didnt itch which usually happens to me when I wear mascara. One will just need to get used to pressing the button during application. As if applying a mascara with open mouth wasnt enough! LOL

Damage to your purse will be 28 pounds but you can say goodbye to your eyelash curler and your lash comb...let's just hope the battery doesnt run out!

Photo from Lancome USA website:

LFW must watch: Valentino The Last Emperor

Yes, Londontown fashion citizens have been given the chance to see the film about His Tanned Highness next week!

It will be shown at the Everyman Hampsted Cinema so click click away to your own invites!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

lfw seats for sale

I enjoy going to fashion talks. For an industry so visual i've always enjoyed hearing what the industry top dogs have to say. To date, the best one I've been to was Stefano Pilati in conversation with Colin Mc Dowell. So I was yet again on the look out for talks in far nothing that's really my cup of tea. Giles Deacon will be at the V&A on March 5 for 8 pounds...I'm skint and he talked for free at LCF so I'm definitely opting out. Hussein Chalayan will be at Shoreditch Town Hall on March 11 for 15 pounds. This one I'm still debating would be good to hear from him once I've gone to the Design Museum to see his exhibition. After all, next to Stefano Pilati's talk in my rankings would be Viktor & Rolf's symposium at the Barbican last LFW.

So anyhoo, what I found while searching for events was Cavendish Group selling LFW packages. London version of AMEX in NYC??

To the tune of 425 quid you can choose early morning, lunch or afternoon to go see ONE show, drink champagne and receive expert advice.

I wonder which shows they can secure for their patrons?? Hhhmmm...And more than that..which rows??

wellies for moi?? snowed in london!!!my first white encounter was at grand canyon..desert snow storm in spring... it was my first time to experience snow the whole day and i loved it!

so yes for the first time in my history...i really DO NOT have proper shoes for the season!!!! Weather reports say that it's going to snow still but for how many days it's not certain...

B and I were discussing options and we have both concluded that for snow one needs to invest on one pair of Wellies that they can use over and over. This will not be true for those who live in countries where snow is the norm. Remember, we are both from tropical countries where people collect flip flops (Havaianas, ahem ahem) so buying footwear for snow is not something we give priority to..not to mention for these shoes it's more utility rather than B's words...I look like a fisherman...My would look like a daughter of the fisherman!!!

she ended up with her Burberry wellies below:

Unfortunately for moi, I do not have enough moolah to spend on for the time being I will just walk ever so slowly and rely on my trainers which I must say have done a good job keeping it up with the snow...If ever I spend on wellies the two below fwill be competing for my purse strings:

Hunter Limited Collection Jimmy Choo Wellies

Hunter Limited Edition Fortnum & Mason Wellies

Throughout snow day, I've lost count on women I've seen with the Original Green Hunter boots. Why oh why??? In B's words, I wouldn't want to look like the trash can! LOL
I wonder if the retailers were prepared for this sales opportunity?? And I wonder how many women pestered Burberry for their Wellies....

the gender flowchart

a friend forwarded me the link to these photos so i did a bit of googling..

Campaign Title: Thank God You're A Man
Client: Gold Star Beer
Agency: McCann Erickson, Tel Aviv Israel
(data from

The first one here is the one I like the least...out of the lot it is the most stereotypical...or better yet the one that's most going to be controversial...Imagine if they only published this flow chart...hhhmm...feminist parties will come in packs! Maybe me included..personally a night out with copius amounts of alcohol is never a venue to find a guy who will be suitable for a long-term relationship..then again that's just me..

The second one here is the most hilarious!!! It is right on the bat on how we ladies go to the loo in groups. It wouldve been better if they expanded on the drinks choice for ladies though...Maybe a picture of the beer on the side with questions marks then a picture of a fatter you so you go back to your carbs!!! the most evil word of them all..caaarbs...Never mind the calories from alcohol and too much sugar in our cocktails..LOL

This third one has got to be my favourite...

I am guilty of this one on all accounts!!! What I remember with this one is a list of Guys' Rules which my Citi friends had circulating back in the of the rules said men should not be drinking fruity cocktails at's you know...too feminine...wonder what men really think of this? ;)