Wednesday, 4 February 2009

the gender flowchart

a friend forwarded me the link to these photos so i did a bit of googling..

Campaign Title: Thank God You're A Man
Client: Gold Star Beer
Agency: McCann Erickson, Tel Aviv Israel
(data from

The first one here is the one I like the least...out of the lot it is the most stereotypical...or better yet the one that's most going to be controversial...Imagine if they only published this flow chart...hhhmm...feminist parties will come in packs! Maybe me included..personally a night out with copius amounts of alcohol is never a venue to find a guy who will be suitable for a long-term relationship..then again that's just me..

The second one here is the most hilarious!!! It is right on the bat on how we ladies go to the loo in groups. It wouldve been better if they expanded on the drinks choice for ladies though...Maybe a picture of the beer on the side with questions marks then a picture of a fatter you so you go back to your carbs!!! the most evil word of them all..caaarbs...Never mind the calories from alcohol and too much sugar in our cocktails..LOL

This third one has got to be my favourite...

I am guilty of this one on all accounts!!! What I remember with this one is a list of Guys' Rules which my Citi friends had circulating back in the of the rules said men should not be drinking fruity cocktails at's you know...too feminine...wonder what men really think of this? ;)


cupcakes & muffins said...

I love the last one!!!! its so true!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know about men, but this man says want drink, get drink. It's cold, get warm. It rains, take cover. Nothing in between.