Wednesday, 4 February 2009

lfw seats for sale

I enjoy going to fashion talks. For an industry so visual i've always enjoyed hearing what the industry top dogs have to say. To date, the best one I've been to was Stefano Pilati in conversation with Colin Mc Dowell. So I was yet again on the look out for talks in far nothing that's really my cup of tea. Giles Deacon will be at the V&A on March 5 for 8 pounds...I'm skint and he talked for free at LCF so I'm definitely opting out. Hussein Chalayan will be at Shoreditch Town Hall on March 11 for 15 pounds. This one I'm still debating would be good to hear from him once I've gone to the Design Museum to see his exhibition. After all, next to Stefano Pilati's talk in my rankings would be Viktor & Rolf's symposium at the Barbican last LFW.

So anyhoo, what I found while searching for events was Cavendish Group selling LFW packages. London version of AMEX in NYC??

To the tune of 425 quid you can choose early morning, lunch or afternoon to go see ONE show, drink champagne and receive expert advice.

I wonder which shows they can secure for their patrons?? Hhhmmm...And more than that..which rows??

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