Wednesday, 4 February 2009

wellies for moi?? snowed in london!!!my first white encounter was at grand canyon..desert snow storm in spring... it was my first time to experience snow the whole day and i loved it!

so yes for the first time in my history...i really DO NOT have proper shoes for the season!!!! Weather reports say that it's going to snow still but for how many days it's not certain...

B and I were discussing options and we have both concluded that for snow one needs to invest on one pair of Wellies that they can use over and over. This will not be true for those who live in countries where snow is the norm. Remember, we are both from tropical countries where people collect flip flops (Havaianas, ahem ahem) so buying footwear for snow is not something we give priority to..not to mention for these shoes it's more utility rather than B's words...I look like a fisherman...My would look like a daughter of the fisherman!!!

she ended up with her Burberry wellies below:

Unfortunately for moi, I do not have enough moolah to spend on for the time being I will just walk ever so slowly and rely on my trainers which I must say have done a good job keeping it up with the snow...If ever I spend on wellies the two below fwill be competing for my purse strings:

Hunter Limited Collection Jimmy Choo Wellies

Hunter Limited Edition Fortnum & Mason Wellies

Throughout snow day, I've lost count on women I've seen with the Original Green Hunter boots. Why oh why??? In B's words, I wouldn't want to look like the trash can! LOL
I wonder if the retailers were prepared for this sales opportunity?? And I wonder how many women pestered Burberry for their Wellies....

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leng said...

haha, B actually bought the wellies for the snow?
they're nice! =)

and the green hunters = disgustingly rubbish!