Monday, 27 October 2008

on buying something you dont need

"Part of the promise of style is to lift us out of the dreariness of necessity."
-- Stuart Ewan, sociologist, describing couture world as beyong the real

Can we all quote him when we buy that pair of shoes you just can't leave behind?

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

on buying fashion magazines

Reading fashion magazines was probably the leading factor/influence that got me into fashion. I was 13 when a cousin from the US brought home Seventeen. I loved it and dad (metrosexual dad) got me a subscription. It was 2 months late because of the turtlish Philippine post but I was always ecstatic when it was time to open my brown envelope with crisp new magazine (sans barcode). Back when i was in Uni the first time..16-20..ahem ahem..I would read at least 5 magazines a month from cover to cover. Then came the internet addiction and the addiction to fashion blogs ans websites..slowly slowly my love for my glossies waned. I got the information I need from news online and the lush fashion editorials always got posted online. The fact that my storage space in London is almost non-existent didn't really home in the Philippines I have like a decade worth of magazines neatly arranged in my bedroom/warehouse.

I don't think magazines will go away. It's in the same way radio didnt really disappear when TV came. There will be changes in how magazines are produced and consumed and I hope they are for the better. Now, I'm just happy to buy glossies that are collector worth. So in the last couple of months my purchases included the all black Vogue Italia, Carla Bruni cover for Vanity Fair (which I decided to buy for a friend instead) and most recently this amazing Harper's Bazaar with Stephanie Seymour Swarovski cover.

Stephanie Seymour is my fave Super...I cant get enough of her face! Nine kids and she can still manage to go naked on a cover of a magazine! And the Swarovski detailing of Marc Quinn is lush. He is more famously known for his gold statue of Kate Moss. The contents of the magazine are top as well.

That is what I'm talking about..With new media rising, the challenge for magazines is to come up with innovative and relevant material that will entice the audience to hit the newsstands, grab a copy and turn the pages instead of just sitting and clicking away. I must say number 1 and 2 on my list are Vogue Paris and Vogue Italia. Now..if only I could read them..;) then again isn't it luxury to have someone read it to you..;p

Thursday, 11 September 2008

alfajor surprise

i was torn on whether to go home or head to K's place yesterday. i left it all up to chance and decided that whichever bus comes first, the one headed to my place, or the one headed to her place, would be the one take...and home it was!

and as my roomie is away i was left with an empty room with a sweet surpise...atop my table was this:

alfajor from argetina!! all that sinful caramel! sweet tooth heaven! what would a wandergirl be without tasting sweets from around the world now no?!? one good friend described i often have a salad and five courses for dessert meal...

anyhoo, the reason i was delighted...back in the philippines, one could only get alfajor from baguio..up north..which means someone you know should bring it back for you from a trip's how alfajor from good shepherd baguio looks like...

as always, anything from the philippines is far sweeter than any variant available..
good bet would be alfajor landing in the country through the spanish conquistadores and their friends..then again this type of alfajor is more common in south america..oh well..bottomline is it's another trace of latino culture in the pacific islands!

ps. another surprise was finding the stove left open!! scaary...and unsurprisingly i burned my two fingers with the electric stove..i guess that's punishment for my caramel sin ;p

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Viktor & Rolf at the Barbican Part 1

I must confess. I wasn't a fan of Viktor & Rolf before seeing their exhibition at the Barbican. And now of course I'm a convert! They are over the top without being costumey. The clothes are bold and in your face confident but feminine at the same time.

Excuse the pics (as photos are not allowed) and the quality (as they are not allowed I used my mobile...sneaky sneaky).

V&R dollhouse..oh how I would love a dollhouse like this one! Each doll is styled according to how the models were made up during the actual runway show of the garments.

I am not sure if all off Viktor & Rolf's runway shows are represented in the exhibition but it's certain there are enough for you to marvel at. The shows are played on video with life size mannequins (dolls rather because there are so coquette!) showcasing the best looks of the collections. Below is my fave. The Russian doll collection modelled by Maggie Rizer. Checkout the mannequin's hair ala Maggie!

What amazes me is the vision the two designers have. They have the ability to identify their inspiration for a collection that is unique and not dictated by fashion's pendulum often followed by designers in order to make it in the business. The interpretation of their inspiration is conceptual yet never literal. Also, the clothes are always so maginificent I do not blame the affluent couture ladies for buying them and not using them at all. They are works of art! Here's what they said on the Russian Doll Collection:

Russian Doll

In the winter of 1999 we appeared on the cat walk ourselves to dress a single model, Maggie Rizer, in nine layers of jewel encrusted dresses. After each layer, the small pedestal on which Maggie stood would rotate, giving the audience an opportunity to see a particular set on her before the next layer was laid on. When the final veil had been draped around her, Maggie was carrying approximately 70 kilos of richly decorated textures on her shoulders.

We intended this presentation as an ode to exclusivity and unavailability, the things that give fashion its aura. Once occluded by the next layer, the previous layer remained present on stage, but impossible for the audience to see.

As I am a new member of the club, what better way would it be to be inducted than seeing Viktor & Rolf this Saturday at the Barbican! As it is London Fashion Week, the duo are coming into town for a symposium and to announce the winner of an internship with their design house. Tickets are sold out but there will be some left at the entrance on the day itself. So rise and shine, and start fashion week with V&R! If you're not that lucky, just admire the exhibition which will be on show until September 21.

PS. Thought bubble while staring at the mannequins aka dolls...Their heads are too big for their long and lithe bodies! In real life you can't be stick thin with fleshy cheeks! Oh I guess that's all part of the fantasy...

christmas partaaaying in september

My first trip to Vodka Revolution SoHo was during my first and only pub crawl in London. I instantly loved the place! The drinks were oh so yummy and wiiild plus the bar was so clean..and of course the bartenders were so efficient! To add to that, VodkaRev always gives out vouchers (if you're on their mailing register!) so drink prices are super affordable (for London). Cocktails can be had at around 3.25 pounds with vouchers. ;)

Yesterday was even in 10 times better as I got to experience how a Christmas party is like at VodkaRev. With K, I went to their Christmas party showcase, where we were welcomed with...

the trees were VodkaRev guys! We believe they're there to serve as security for the girls...
 a free night with champagne reception, mini cocktails, fork buffet...

...we loved the leek and cheese tartlet (which I thought was quiche)

... chocolate fountain dipped dessert... ice luge trial which i looooved..

...and flavoured vodka shots for the road...i got toffee apple and K got after eight (mint choco)..they were yum!

In total, that could've been 30 pounds per person...who says everything in London is expensive?? You just need to know where to go...

PS. Although I didnt have any company Christmas party to plan, I do intend on going to VodkaRev for my berday drinks..which is equivalent to my Christmas party anyway ;)

simpson sunday

my usual sunday usually involves running from K's place to the tube station to catch the hammersmith & city line where im squished inside the train to picadilly then i finally get my breath of fresh air at knightsbridge before going to work...

this sunday was rather unusual as the tube platform was nowhere near crowded not to mention commuters where dressed fancily...i must say londoners are really tops when it comes to fancy's the best ive seen so far:

all out simpsons!! excuse the zoom quality...they were painted head to foot in yellow with outfits and accessories of characters taken into consideration...awesome! checkout homer's backfat! wehehehe...cant see it in the pic but maggie even had a feeding bottle! a different start to my sloaney sundays...

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

On GG's comeback...

First thing I did when I woke up today was look for a link to Gossip Girl Season 2's first episode, Summer Kind of Wonderful. What I was wondering was what would be left to see when I've seen 3 sneak peaks maybe equal to 10 mins plus the first 5 mins which was released. As always, GG didnt disappoint! Long live the Chuck and Blair witty word war! My favourite line would be from Gossip Girl though: Karma's a bitch, we know Blair Waldorf is. Ha ha ha!

What caught my attention was how Vitamin Water was extensively promoted during the episode! I wonder how much damage it left on Witamin Water's promotion budget! It was hilarious when Serena's grandma showed her invitation to Dan and you could see Vitamin Water logo...add to that Jenny asking for Rescue Vitamin Water. My favourite VW related scene would be the one below...with Chuck Bass drowning his Blair sorrow with alcohol...leaving bottles of Vitamin Water untouched in the background...what a placement! I swear if he used one to chase his alcoholic drink I would die! Well I just hope GG doesnt go too commercial given that brands are wanting to get the reach of the show. But hey, on the brighter side...that might lead to more budget for the wardrobe department! And that we will always enjoy :D

PS. I always...girls wore headbands as Blair did...will we be seeing GG followers toting Vitamin Water bottles...I know I wont! Ha ha...xoxo

Friday, 11 July 2008

must must have

forgive the hiatus. i was on call being the summer fashion intern ;)

Sale season here in london is in its last days. it's been so frustrating as whenever i go to a store to scour the sale items, i always end up with non sale ones. so, when i was checking out the selfridges sale with cupcake K, a chanel detour happened. and guess what i eyed?? below are the earrings i must must have!!! i collect earrings and have been on the hunt for THE London pair. What would be better than having one from the Chanel Paris Londres collection?? Alas, they are only 155 pounds. Therefore next time I pass by Chanel, I'm sure these lovelies wont be sitting pretty. And if they are, well well, they're going home with moi!

Image source:

Saturday, 14 June 2008

the search for HA

It was a looooovely sunny day and we were looking for something different to do. With FFE B and N, I ran to catch the train to Hampton Court Palace. All with interest in Henry VII and his wives, it was bound to be a great day!

Mini model of Henry VIII's kitchen (the bakery and patisserie in particular)

In house actors playing the Boleyns
Super manicured gardens

Feeling like kids inside the maze

The suuuuper amazing scent coming from the rose garden

And of course..what we travelled for...what remains of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
The crests looked normal at first glance. We didn't make of anything when we saw them. However, we saw the crest below at the introductory exhibition. We went around the palace to find it!! It's at the entrance of Henry VIII's State Apartments. The passageway was aptly named after Anne Boleyn.

jewellery: black, white and etched

It's London Jewellery Week and I don't know how it almost slipped my radaaar!!!! I vow to be a bigger part of it next year.

Anyhoo, I was looking at Vogue UK's showcase of jewellery online and this set of Christopher Kane AW08 brooches reminded me of another collection I liked.

That collection would be Satellite Paris' SS08 Shantaram Gris range. I first saw the lot at Selfridges when I was on my way to the magazines section with fellow jewellery designer S. She bought a ring from the Shantaram Blanc collection. On the other hand, I was a good girl and didn't buy any of the following pieces I still covet!

They are not necessarily copies of each other but elements including colour, material, and detailed etching are same distinguishing characteristics.

I hope for a miracle in finding these pieces on sale in a couple of weeks!!!

thoughts on the terno

June 12 saw Philippine Independence Day posts for bloggers. My favourite one (although I dont think it was intended for the event) was by Manila Fashion Oberver. She was answering a question on what to wear on an International Day at a conference. Personally, I've always wanted to wear the terno; the national dress for Filipinas. If only it were easy to pack! I believe the last time I wore it was in 2006 at the Asia Pacific Exchange Leadership Development Seminar of AIESEC in Bohol.

Yup! That's me in butterfly sleeves! Of course no one else can carry the terno with such a regal air as Imelda Marcos. And mind you she's still at it...
Image: Source

She wore it to all her state visits when she was First Lady. I believe after her, no one was able to pull it off. Once in the news, I saw her ternos being brought out and being transported to some warehouse as part of the sequestered Marcos lot. How sad! Imagine..those pieces were painstakingly made by Filipnas working for her favourite designers. And the details!!! Ornate embroidery, crystals, gold or silver thread...I hope one day they properly catalog them and put everything in a museum along with her shoes..
Image: Source

Now, fast forward to globalisation era...has the terno died?? I don't think so! In fact, I believe with the recent Pinoy movements by my generation, the terno has become more accessible. With independent designers like Ilaya couture producing modern day terno tops, we are more encouraged to wear them. Below is a pic of mi amiga C in said modern version made more contemporary being paired with jeans. I want one for myself!

What Manila Fashion observer has pointed out is that Lesley Mobo of Jasmine de Milo has reinterpreted the terno in the label's AW08 collection. However, Jasmine Al Fayed in her interview with mentioned that her inspiration for the collection was Japanese anime! Hhhhhmmm...I don't really want to go into the debate of it all. Rather, I'd be happy if butterfly sleeves suddenly go into the fashion radar! By then, I'll be happy parading my local modern ternos around! And of course I'll wear proper ones to evening functions...

Images: Source

This wanderer may have a fixation for living in foreign lands...but deep down inside I'm still absolutely Pinay!!

Monday, 9 June 2008

the top that guarantees mayhem

Changing from an awesome night out with my FFE, I stopped and looked back to where I've worn the top I just donned. And my oh my, what a revelation! This old top of mine guaranteed a blast with the girls; with excessive alcohol consumption being the distinguishing characteristic.

I remember seeing it at Topshop Robinson's Mall in Manila in 2003. I was on my routine trip to the Bureau of Immigration for our AIESEC trainees. A trip to this mall was my therapy from the tiring commute from university to business district to Old Manila. I didnt buy it when I first saw it. In fact, I was a very good girl that day and I totally forgot about it until I saw the top on sale. At PhP 500, I couldn't resist!

Here's the top-ography:

2003: In the Ghetto Party at Basement (Quezon City, Metro Manila)
With dynamic duo K, we committed number one drinking crime and drank the night away on empty stomachs! How the night panned out? A Jagermeister chugging contest and a trip to the hospital...

2005: Azzurri Night at Il Ponticello (Makati, Metro Manila)
I was with rumie L and yes, committed the same crime...We started off with a pitcher of wild Mango Mandarin in Greenbelt's Cena then proceeded to Azzurri pitchers at Ponti. I remember getting free pitchers thanks to Rene. This was the only night I was ever caught drunk on camera! Not the pic above of course...

2008: Mystic Disco Thursday at OnAnon (London)

Older and wiser...not to mention a stronger drinker. I didn't commit the usual crime but we did drink more...waaaaay more than the usual. Vodka, neat and mixed was the choice poison of the night. FFE P was the one hardest hit...her first drunken night with puking session to boot...welcome to the world dearest!

My white plunge neck top will definitely be kept forever in my closet...and kept handy when I'm on the hunt for adventure...or should I say misadventure? xx

on mens fashion

Last Monday brought the last of my must-go Colin Mc Dowell events for the schoolyear. This time around it was a conversation about mens fashion with Christopher Bailey, Creative Director of Burberry and Jeremy Langmead, Editor in Chief of UK Esquire Magazine. My fave insights:

from Christopher Bailey:
He designs more with an attitude and lifestyle in mind instead of age. When kids steal from parents' closets and parents dressing more like their children, he clearly is in the right direction. The term "age-ist" has been mentioned in the event referring to people discriminating against believed dressing outside your age group.

Ties are not a staple in Christopher Bailey's closet. Although his house churns them out each season, this creative director is one of those restricted by the tie's formality. I believe this reflects the degree to which dressing nowadays is becoming more and more democratically casual.

Quiet fashion is as impactful as up to the minute in season fashion. I cannot agree more on this. In an industry of planned obsolescence, there is brilliance in creating clothes that are current from season to season. A well cut well made ensemble beats an outfit fresh from the trend alert magazine page.

from Colin Mc Dowell:
He discussed The Great Masculine Renunciation. As we've studied it this term, it was just a recap for most of us. Nevertheless, it is a very relevant point of history that relates to why men are more somber in dressing. In the Indistrial Revolution, where capitalism ruled, men adopted the practical uniform of suits. Business men couldnt be seen spending their cash on pointless accroutements. Instead, they showed their status through their wives and her magnificent ball gowns and jewellery.

Colour in men's clothing was also discussed. Oftentimes, people associate the crayola dressing with gay men. All speakers begged to differ and pointed out the increasing affinity for colourful mens clothing. (Oh yes, real men wear pink;)) Colour for those faint of fashion heart, can be seen in those peeping red socks or outrageous tie.

If women's hidden pleasure is lingerie, what is it for men? I dont believe this question was answered...think about it one can see but you take pleasure it wearing it...

from Jeremy Langmead:

This guy is my quotable quotes guy of the night! First off.."Man feels moral when he is uncomfortable." That was in reference of men being less adventurous in dressing than women.

"Male is the sensible gender, you dont often hear of men and impulse buying." Do men really think more about the societal norms when they dress? On impulse buying...women may shop more but it is common knowledge that mens clothing are on a more expensive scale. We shop more but on a lower price range, you shop less but on a higher price range. Then again the impulse side of it can also mean we dont care if it's beyong budget if it makes our bodies look slimmer, legs leaner and butts smaller.

"For men, luxury is a private pleasure." Well, well, this might have answered Colin McDowell's hidden pleasure question indirectly. Then again you can still see a Patek watch. This gave rise to the concept of connoissuership being discussed. If you are indeed part of the sartorially exquisite, you should know the difference of your Armani suit from your Zegna one. We might not see it, but you better be exuding it.

Christopher Bailey, super slim in a super sleek suit was put on the spot in an anti-climactic moment when a fur protester started throwing loaded questions and allegations on Burberry's use of Scandinavian fur. It was totally out of context and thankfully Christopher and Colin tag teamed in talking the guy out of furthering his questioning. Post event, I eyed the PR woman taking care of the matter.

Starstruck! We were the only ones who were able to take a pic with Christopher Bailey as he was rushed to another engagement. Crossing Oxford Street, we saw his Mercedes driving away.

I truly admire him for transforming Burberry's aesthetic. Before him, Burberry was hard hit by the Chav sting. Now Burberry is back on the map with its tradition of impeccable tailoring and lavish luxe details. Sans the explicit showing of the infamous check, they have been known for a quieter yet more sophisticated style statement. Hiring him was really one of if not the best moves done by ex-chief Rose Marie Bravo.

Monday, 2 June 2008

rip ysl

Thanks to Bryanboy for the up to minute news:

From Associated Press:

Legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent dies at 71

PARIS (AP) — A longtime friend and associate of Yves Saint Laurent says the famed couturier has died at his Paris home at the age of 71.

Pierre Berge says that Saint Laurent died Sunday evening following a long illness. He did not give details.

The innovative designer was an institution for decades in the world of high fashion.

He was widely considered the last of a generation that included Christian Dior and Coco Chanel and made Paris the fashion capital of the world.


Adieu to the man who gave us le smoking and so much more. I wonder... how did Kaiser Karl take this? After all, they were good friends in their youth up until the industry pitted them against each other.

Saturday, 31 May 2008

fashion meets finance

Fashion meets finance?? Literally, reminds me of myself. I love fashion and I want to be in the industry. I hated finance and I was part of that industry.

Look what I discovered...

(image: source)

Is this for real?!? about to sleep i made a quick round of clicks of my fave blogs. The Cut reports on

An event created for the two highest profile, high-pressure industries in the city. Working in Fashion or Finance guarantees a number of enticing perks, but they both lack one crucial factor… it’s near impossible to meet someone of the opposite sex. Enter Fashion Meets Finance. What started as an idea discussed among fellow fashion colleagues is now an event in which bars have been packed to the point of lines out the door. Success is driven by both email distribution among the many fashion and financial companies of New York and simply word of mouth. (from

Purifying the dating scene eh? Providing the rich guy with the beautiful and stylish trophy wife to show off...providing the shopaholic her generous benefactor..hahaha...forgive me for the stereotypes!!!

Hey, I am not against it mind you. I believe it's a great idea. I wonder how the attendance levels are?? If they become successful, would they hop from one finance capital to another? from one fashion capital to another?