Monday, 9 June 2008

the top that guarantees mayhem

Changing from an awesome night out with my FFE, I stopped and looked back to where I've worn the top I just donned. And my oh my, what a revelation! This old top of mine guaranteed a blast with the girls; with excessive alcohol consumption being the distinguishing characteristic.

I remember seeing it at Topshop Robinson's Mall in Manila in 2003. I was on my routine trip to the Bureau of Immigration for our AIESEC trainees. A trip to this mall was my therapy from the tiring commute from university to business district to Old Manila. I didnt buy it when I first saw it. In fact, I was a very good girl that day and I totally forgot about it until I saw the top on sale. At PhP 500, I couldn't resist!

Here's the top-ography:

2003: In the Ghetto Party at Basement (Quezon City, Metro Manila)
With dynamic duo K, we committed number one drinking crime and drank the night away on empty stomachs! How the night panned out? A Jagermeister chugging contest and a trip to the hospital...

2005: Azzurri Night at Il Ponticello (Makati, Metro Manila)
I was with rumie L and yes, committed the same crime...We started off with a pitcher of wild Mango Mandarin in Greenbelt's Cena then proceeded to Azzurri pitchers at Ponti. I remember getting free pitchers thanks to Rene. This was the only night I was ever caught drunk on camera! Not the pic above of course...

2008: Mystic Disco Thursday at OnAnon (London)

Older and wiser...not to mention a stronger drinker. I didn't commit the usual crime but we did drink more...waaaaay more than the usual. Vodka, neat and mixed was the choice poison of the night. FFE P was the one hardest hit...her first drunken night with puking session to boot...welcome to the world dearest!

My white plunge neck top will definitely be kept forever in my closet...and kept handy when I'm on the hunt for adventure...or should I say misadventure? xx


Anonymous said...


work hard, party harder!

- scott

BrightCloud said...

ohmyGod Karla and I were so drunk that night. I even remember us sitting on a bench and Karla fell asleep despite my trying to keep her awake!