Saturday, 14 June 2008

the search for HA

It was a looooovely sunny day and we were looking for something different to do. With FFE B and N, I ran to catch the train to Hampton Court Palace. All with interest in Henry VII and his wives, it was bound to be a great day!

Mini model of Henry VIII's kitchen (the bakery and patisserie in particular)

In house actors playing the Boleyns
Super manicured gardens

Feeling like kids inside the maze

The suuuuper amazing scent coming from the rose garden

And of course..what we travelled for...what remains of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
The crests looked normal at first glance. We didn't make of anything when we saw them. However, we saw the crest below at the introductory exhibition. We went around the palace to find it!! It's at the entrance of Henry VIII's State Apartments. The passageway was aptly named after Anne Boleyn.

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