Friday, 11 July 2008

must must have

forgive the hiatus. i was on call being the summer fashion intern ;)

Sale season here in london is in its last days. it's been so frustrating as whenever i go to a store to scour the sale items, i always end up with non sale ones. so, when i was checking out the selfridges sale with cupcake K, a chanel detour happened. and guess what i eyed?? below are the earrings i must must have!!! i collect earrings and have been on the hunt for THE London pair. What would be better than having one from the Chanel Paris Londres collection?? Alas, they are only 155 pounds. Therefore next time I pass by Chanel, I'm sure these lovelies wont be sitting pretty. And if they are, well well, they're going home with moi!

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C said...

go get it!!!! now na!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bebee said...

my dear!! i cant believe u r eyeing those as well..since i just have been thinking about chanel jewel just for a while then i saw your blog.....we hav to get them!!