Sunday, 27 September 2009

stately weekend of learning

Last weekend not only was i ecstatic that i didnt have to stand up for 8 hours on the shop floor; I had a free weekend of learning at Cumberland Lodge inside The Great Park in Windsor. Thanks to being a Resident Assistant at one of the coolest places to live in London, we had an amazing weekend of cultural awareness, event planning, hearty eating, and movie making! Oh and a Blair Witch type of walk after dinner...erm of course I dont have pics of that!

music room

part of the grand stairs

view from the window

can i have a library like this??

wish i had dishes like these everyday!!!

healthy and yummy veggie tart

dessert over the faves!

dinner i enjoyed the most..mushroom soup, salmon cakes, and chocolate cake

challenges we had to do as a teamany thoughts on how we did them? ;)

the winning team from norway, palestine, philippines and uk!

Cumberland Lodge regularly conducts conferences and their next big one is the International Christmas Event..details here

And for the events at ISH...please visit
50% discount on local and international tours for UK students
Karaoke Thursdays, Free Sunday movies and much more!!!