Saturday, 31 May 2008

fashion meets finance

Fashion meets finance?? Literally, reminds me of myself. I love fashion and I want to be in the industry. I hated finance and I was part of that industry.

Look what I discovered...

(image: source)

Is this for real?!? about to sleep i made a quick round of clicks of my fave blogs. The Cut reports on

An event created for the two highest profile, high-pressure industries in the city. Working in Fashion or Finance guarantees a number of enticing perks, but they both lack one crucial factor… it’s near impossible to meet someone of the opposite sex. Enter Fashion Meets Finance. What started as an idea discussed among fellow fashion colleagues is now an event in which bars have been packed to the point of lines out the door. Success is driven by both email distribution among the many fashion and financial companies of New York and simply word of mouth. (from

Purifying the dating scene eh? Providing the rich guy with the beautiful and stylish trophy wife to show off...providing the shopaholic her generous benefactor..hahaha...forgive me for the stereotypes!!!

Hey, I am not against it mind you. I believe it's a great idea. I wonder how the attendance levels are?? If they become successful, would they hop from one finance capital to another? from one fashion capital to another?

a day in my life

May 30, 2008 of my most random days ever

4.33 AM: Out of the blue, I woke up realising I forgot to take out my clothes from the dryer.

5.00 AM: Annoyed, I finish hanging my clothes to air dry. I believe the dryer stopped mid cycle leaving my clothes still wet. The clean lint screen was my proof.

1:15 PM: The Virgins' One Week of Danger playing while I dressed up. I ended up with a Carrie inspired outfit. That's odd given my Gossip Girl soundtrack. My subconscious tells me I must get a ticket for the movie! PS. Pardon my flats Carrie xx

2:00PM: At the LCF Library, I am happily surprised that I didnt have to pay that much for my overdue books.

2:20PM: Aaaaahhh! Was that The Sartorialist himself that I spotted in front of H&M Regent Street?!?!? I thought about this one. Should I or should I not go back. Sadly, I went straight to Beak Street to get something from the Bead Shop. It's for work so it's official. When I came back he wasn't there anymore. Sigh...


2: 30PM: Crayfish, Lime and Coriander Sandwich and Matcha Chiller from Eat Hanover Square

2: 50 - 5: 10PM: Repairs galore! Got another multi-strand interlocking type of restringing. This time it's with vintage coral beads. I also got a last-minute sale care of the old lady who wanted something to match her Comptoir des Cotonniers dress. I made a light pink glass disc and rose quartz briolette necklace for her.

5:15 PM: What news! I found a few missed calls from FFE friend J. Party partner in crime B is down and out thanks to two bottles of Moet. Too bad! Tonight was supposed to be the start of our Survivor series. That's 8 nights of student partying! Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

5: 30PM: Was at Uniqlo, looking for FFE P to tell her the news and that we need to cancel tonight. Couldn't find her...but I managed to find me a dress for tomorrow's gladiator party. I got this dress from the Juliana Jabour line. I checked out the dresses by Alexander Wang but unfortunately, they are too shapeless for me. And finally! I got my hands on a Shinichi printed carrier bag. I am still disappointed though that they didnt make a shirt with his face.

6:20 PM: Stopped by LCF to checkout screenings for SATC. Alas, everything's booked! But hey, Banksy's work is on display at Selfridges. I missed an exhibition my friends went to and this would be the perfect time to see his work. Exhibition ends June 1.

7:30 PM: After walking to the Screen at Baker Street still without SATC tickets, I just went to Selfridges. First stop...Chanel! And my gosh...I was in the middle of a theft being found out. A suited guy tried to steal a mini black flap bag!!!! The guy was arrested. The bag went back and landed in my hands for ogling. It's the black version of the red bag pictured. (Image: Source)

7:45PM: Just in time to browse through the Urban Art Exhibition before it's 8PM closure. Love it! My fave would be Inkie's work. It's very hip, very now, very strong but very graceful. I didnt realise no photography was allowed! So there, I have a sample of what he does. Yes, Inkie's a man!!

8:05 PM: I finally get the chance to take pics of Selfridges' windows. I've been itching to do this for about a week now. I love the contraptions and I love the outifts! Here's a couple. I'll be doing a separate post on the windows very soon.

9:00 PM: Last stop for the day...dinner with FFE N at Tottenham Court Road. It's Korean for tonight and I got beef bibimbab. Yummy! Can't get enough of the red sauce!!!

I was home by 10:30 PM and I ended up having the longest convo I've ever had with my new rumie from France. She's an archeologist! Egypt, Turkey and Greece are her nice!

So there...a day in the life of your resident flaneuse....

Friday, 30 May 2008


school is over. whew! 8 months just swooooshed by...this post goes out to my FFE. friends from the far east. hahaha...that's our collective term of endearment. i've spent most of the school year with these ladies. thank you for keeping me sane and for maintaining my kookoo-ness ;)

(l-r) that's C from Indonedia, K from Japan, B from Thailand, J from Malaysia, P from Hong Kong, A from the Philippines, and N from you know why we're FFE...

Thursday, 22 May 2008

At LCF... Colin Mc Dowell: Degrees of Success

I missed Marc at CSM therefore by no means am I missing this one...

What: Cristopher Bailey of Burberrry and Jamie Bill of GQ talking about success in menswear to resident LCF events host Colin McDowell

Where: Rootstein Hopkins Space

When: June 2, 6.30 pm

Question for the Speaker: Cristopher, why did you part with Agy?? Haha...

Book now!

bauble break

After a sleepless night of essays and reports and a morning of meetings, I was happy that I still managed to let some creativity out. I made those earrings about a bauble break!

Anyone who really knows me would say I didnt think in making those. Easy picks...shades of green, blue and signature colours ;)

Oh I do miss my ratty old pliers and boxes upon boxes of baubles! With four months without school, I can hopefully go back to being a crafty creator...

More to come...till then xoxo

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

on fashions of geography

" Just as the tourist signals his ir her lifestyle profile by sending postcards or emails from home straight from the right geographical brand location, so the fashion consumer, by wearing the right brands, can incorporate within his or her own style statement the lifestyle significations inherent within his or her chosen brand's hypothetical theme park."

--Ted Polhemus in Global Fashion Local Tradition

I know I want postcards from Chanel Land, Bottega Land and ProenzaSchouler Land as much as I want stamps from Chatuchak Land, Ukay Ukay Land and Tiangge Land. I guess I'm a mish mash of wanting to fly Concord and having fun backpacking. How about you?? xoxo

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

on headbands and bowties

And the season ended...I'm still hoping for Chuck & Blair to reunite. If not, I'm happy to see them dancing around each other. Anyway, it would be too boring if they just ended up together madly in love.

So we bid a summer's farewell to the show that launched a thousand headbands. Did Queen B really help in putting this accessory back in the map? From bows to ginormous flowers, I know I got inspired...

Coincidentally, while I was on the lookout for local gossip (guilty pleasure, forgive moi)at, I found a familiar bowtie on a local celeb's neck.

Spotted...John Lloyd Cruz with Chuck Bass' floral bowtie.The timing is in question here. GG seasone finale was aired Monday but production stills were available online weeks before. JLC pic on PEP might not be recent though. Was he wearing it thanks to ABS CBN stylists? Or better yet through uber stylist girlfriend? Who wore it first? And more importantly, who wore it better? xoxo

Sunday, 18 May 2008

kaiser karl's perennial poster boy

Kaiser presenting Brad pics in a gallery, Brad and Karl with Berlin Mayor, Brad and Karl in Tokyo

I've always wondered what type of contract Brad Kroenig is in with Kaiser Karl. Imagine, cover girls fight for Chanel, Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld campaigns each season..then Brad on the other hand never had to worry..he went where Karl went...whichever brand..whichever shoot..even for non-fashion brands like Audi...

Brad in Chanel by Karl// Brad in Karl Lagerfeld

Brad in Fendi by Karl// Brad in Audi by Karl

And now I've read from The Cut that Karl Lagerfeld has just recently launched a book all about his perennial poster boy. Last Friday, Kaiser launched Metamorphoses of an American: A Cycle of Youth 2003 - 2008. That's 5 years of being Karl's favourite...

I want to see how long this lasts..and better yet..I want to see who takes his place...and when Karl drops him, will he be taken by another master? Sasha was taken by the Kaiser when Madame Prada decided to changed faces just recently...aaahhh master's trash is another one's treasure...

Saturday, 17 May 2008

mangosteen: best thai food in london

this is an ode to the FEF (you know who you are ;)) default lunch place..although we are venturing to other places now, you know we will always come back...yes, we come here at least once a week..and we've brought so many friends here already..didnt matter if it meant eating lunch and dinner at the same place!

how did i qualify it as best? thanks to my thai friends, i know this place has indeed passed the local taste test..

tucked in carnaby's many sois (small streets), mangosteen gives you that thai eatery vibe. nothing fancy here but food is tops! my picks are green chicken curry and coconut rice, kanom jeeb (steamed dumplings), suki nam (sweey and spicy glass noodle soup), ever reliable pad thai and my all time fave...cha yen or thai iced tea...yes that orange tinged yumminess!

i always finish half of my cha yen before i start eating ;p

if you're looking for something new to try order yentafo's noodles in pink soup! hey, did i mention the only full sentence i can still speak in thai is..wani kin yentafo..which means i ate pink noodles today ;)

a full meal with appetizer, main course and cha yen will set you back about 15 pounds...there's a lunch menu with main course rice included going for 5 - 7 pounds...

missing marc's talk

alas...i found out too late...marc jacobs will be at central st martin's on monday..conversations with sarah mower...

i shall just be satisfied by looking at his fashion shoots in interview's june ish...

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

my fave summer dress: from bali to asos

I was on the hunt for summer dresses at ASOS when I saw this:

And pop! I know I've seen that dress somewhere...Here it is:

I got it from a trip in Bali November 2006. I wore this dress practically everywhere! Here while visiting friends at their office Christmas 2006.

And here in Las Vegas Spring 2007. I wonder where ASOS sourced this dress from ;)

On fashions of geography...

"Just as the tourist signals his or her lifestyle profile by sending postcards or emails home straight from the right geographical brand location, so the fashion consumer, by wearing the right brands, can incorporate within his or her own style statement the lifestyle significations inherent within his or her chosen brand’s hypothetical theme park."

--Ted Polhemus, What to Wear in the Global Village, Global Fashion/Local Tradition

I think my toes are enjoying the ease of Ancient Rome's gladiators sandals, in a prettier pink version though. And from time to time it drifts to trendy and beach ready HavaianaLand...that's the island girl beckoning perhaps...

Who's gazing now?

Male gaze vs. female gaze...Who's looking at whom? Are men checking out the supers? Are women looking at faceless men slash "furniture"? Are women checking out the supers? Is anyone thinking of how glam the Versace dresses are?

Photo from L'Officiel Singapore April 2008: Richard Avedon for Versace

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Which talk shall I go to tomorrow??

Yet another day for an insightful talk... Unfortunately, there are two talks tomorrow happening at the same time! Where will I be at 7pm ??

At LSE, Matt Mason will talk about his new book, The Pirate's Dilemma, which explores how youth culture and its relentless innovation has changed the way the world works by transforming underground scenes into global industries.

Since I'm in a Fashion Cultural Studies class, this one would be really useful. Not to mention, our essay for this class is due in 2 weeks!

At the Apple store in Regent Street, my favourite blogger Susie of Style Bubble will be talking about Fashion on the Internet. She will be joined by Guy Hipwell and Elliott Sainsbury of


Which one shall it be? Help!!! xoxo

A Filipino was FIRST to circumnavigate the earth?!?!?

We were taught in school that it was Ferdinand Magellan, discoverer of the Philippines, who first circumnavigate the earth. I was browsing through the Philippine Star website the other day and found an article by Carmen Guerrero Nakpil who would change that piece of history. The article was entitled "The first OFW" or the first overseas Filipino worker. It tells of the slave given the name Enrique, who was brought to Malaysia by Muslim pirates, then bought by Magellan and later on joined the exploration to find the route to the Spice Islands. In 1521, they land in Homonhon, Philippines were Enrique is reunited with his countrymen, completing the trip to make him the first circumnavigator of the world. Read more of the article here:

The First OFW

I decided to research more on Enrique and this is what I've found:

"On a previous voyage, Magellan had purchased a Filipino slave, Enrique, who traveled with him to Spain and Portugal and then sailed on this voyage, thereby earning an equal claim to the title of first to circumnavigate the earth. Magellan's will specified that Enrique was to be freed on Magellan's death, but Magellan's shipmates ignored the will. However, Enrique escaped and returned home." --Steven Dutch, University of Wisconsin

From the book "Magellan" by Tim Joyner:

His accomplishment was by mere circumstance. He was kidnapped from the Visayas, eventually ending up in Malacca (now part of Malaysia) in 1511 where he was acquired by a sailor named Hernando de Magallanes (Ferdinand Magellan to many), who brought him back to Europe as a slave. He then accompanied Magellan on his voyage west to the Spice Islands, the Moluccas (Maluku in Indonesia), when wisdom of the day was that they were to the east. Thus he became Enrique de Malacca, first circumnavigator of the Earth.

"Here occurred an event that provided clear proof that Magellan's squadron, by travelling west across an uncharted ocean, had achieved the goal that had eluded Columbus. They had reached the eastern limit of the known world. A canoe bearing eight natives came out from Limasawa to inspect the ships. To his and everyone else's delight, Magellan's Malay slave, Enrique, understood the speech of their visitors.

"Magellan had acquired Enrique in Malacca in 1511. Pigafetta said that he was from Sumatra, but Philippine scholars have suggested that a native of Sumatra could not have understood the dialect spoken in the Central Philippines. They deem it more likely that Enrique had been raised in the Central Philippines, was captured, then sold into slavery in Sumatra before being taken to Malacca. If so, Enrique was the first human to have completed a full circuit of the Earth."

Ibang klase talaga ang Pinoy! OFWs keep the economy alive today. Little did I know, an OFW helped shape the discovery of our nation.

You Know You're Addicted to Gossip Girl When... dress up, look in the mirror and say: Why hey, I look a tad too Blair-ish today!!

I got that Peter Pan collar mini dress from the Tuesday market at Citos, Jakarta. Given this is probably one of, if not the last multi-layer outfits of the season, I gave it a much deserved photo op. After haberdashery shopping, Sarah and I headed to school and found this perfect spot. Guess where?? You would definitely know this if you're a Browns devotee. Here's a pic I took of Sarah..very doll like! Enjoy xoxo