Wednesday, 21 May 2008

on fashions of geography

" Just as the tourist signals his ir her lifestyle profile by sending postcards or emails from home straight from the right geographical brand location, so the fashion consumer, by wearing the right brands, can incorporate within his or her own style statement the lifestyle significations inherent within his or her chosen brand's hypothetical theme park."

--Ted Polhemus in Global Fashion Local Tradition

I know I want postcards from Chanel Land, Bottega Land and ProenzaSchouler Land as much as I want stamps from Chatuchak Land, Ukay Ukay Land and Tiangge Land. I guess I'm a mish mash of wanting to fly Concord and having fun backpacking. How about you?? xoxo

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bebee said...

It is less geography these day, more on the individual basis. Since it's the person's identity which is presenting the products. It depends on whether the product carries u, or u carry product.