Saturday, 17 May 2008

mangosteen: best thai food in london

this is an ode to the FEF (you know who you are ;)) default lunch place..although we are venturing to other places now, you know we will always come back...yes, we come here at least once a week..and we've brought so many friends here already..didnt matter if it meant eating lunch and dinner at the same place!

how did i qualify it as best? thanks to my thai friends, i know this place has indeed passed the local taste test..

tucked in carnaby's many sois (small streets), mangosteen gives you that thai eatery vibe. nothing fancy here but food is tops! my picks are green chicken curry and coconut rice, kanom jeeb (steamed dumplings), suki nam (sweey and spicy glass noodle soup), ever reliable pad thai and my all time fave...cha yen or thai iced tea...yes that orange tinged yumminess!

i always finish half of my cha yen before i start eating ;p

if you're looking for something new to try order yentafo's noodles in pink soup! hey, did i mention the only full sentence i can still speak in thai is..wani kin yentafo..which means i ate pink noodles today ;)

a full meal with appetizer, main course and cha yen will set you back about 15 pounds...there's a lunch menu with main course rice included going for 5 - 7 pounds...

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