Wednesday, 14 May 2008

my fave summer dress: from bali to asos

I was on the hunt for summer dresses at ASOS when I saw this:

And pop! I know I've seen that dress somewhere...Here it is:

I got it from a trip in Bali November 2006. I wore this dress practically everywhere! Here while visiting friends at their office Christmas 2006.

And here in Las Vegas Spring 2007. I wonder where ASOS sourced this dress from ;)


my said...

see this

Jaylene said...

Hi, whats the brand of this dress? Do you happen to know the name? thanks! very cute :)

A Wander Girl said...

hi jaylene!

sorry cant remember the brand's two seasons ago at asos so im not sure if it's still there..thanks!

was trying to view your site but couldnt access..