Saturday, 31 May 2008

a day in my life

May 30, 2008 of my most random days ever

4.33 AM: Out of the blue, I woke up realising I forgot to take out my clothes from the dryer.

5.00 AM: Annoyed, I finish hanging my clothes to air dry. I believe the dryer stopped mid cycle leaving my clothes still wet. The clean lint screen was my proof.

1:15 PM: The Virgins' One Week of Danger playing while I dressed up. I ended up with a Carrie inspired outfit. That's odd given my Gossip Girl soundtrack. My subconscious tells me I must get a ticket for the movie! PS. Pardon my flats Carrie xx

2:00PM: At the LCF Library, I am happily surprised that I didnt have to pay that much for my overdue books.

2:20PM: Aaaaahhh! Was that The Sartorialist himself that I spotted in front of H&M Regent Street?!?!? I thought about this one. Should I or should I not go back. Sadly, I went straight to Beak Street to get something from the Bead Shop. It's for work so it's official. When I came back he wasn't there anymore. Sigh...


2: 30PM: Crayfish, Lime and Coriander Sandwich and Matcha Chiller from Eat Hanover Square

2: 50 - 5: 10PM: Repairs galore! Got another multi-strand interlocking type of restringing. This time it's with vintage coral beads. I also got a last-minute sale care of the old lady who wanted something to match her Comptoir des Cotonniers dress. I made a light pink glass disc and rose quartz briolette necklace for her.

5:15 PM: What news! I found a few missed calls from FFE friend J. Party partner in crime B is down and out thanks to two bottles of Moet. Too bad! Tonight was supposed to be the start of our Survivor series. That's 8 nights of student partying! Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

5: 30PM: Was at Uniqlo, looking for FFE P to tell her the news and that we need to cancel tonight. Couldn't find her...but I managed to find me a dress for tomorrow's gladiator party. I got this dress from the Juliana Jabour line. I checked out the dresses by Alexander Wang but unfortunately, they are too shapeless for me. And finally! I got my hands on a Shinichi printed carrier bag. I am still disappointed though that they didnt make a shirt with his face.

6:20 PM: Stopped by LCF to checkout screenings for SATC. Alas, everything's booked! But hey, Banksy's work is on display at Selfridges. I missed an exhibition my friends went to and this would be the perfect time to see his work. Exhibition ends June 1.

7:30 PM: After walking to the Screen at Baker Street still without SATC tickets, I just went to Selfridges. First stop...Chanel! And my gosh...I was in the middle of a theft being found out. A suited guy tried to steal a mini black flap bag!!!! The guy was arrested. The bag went back and landed in my hands for ogling. It's the black version of the red bag pictured. (Image: Source)

7:45PM: Just in time to browse through the Urban Art Exhibition before it's 8PM closure. Love it! My fave would be Inkie's work. It's very hip, very now, very strong but very graceful. I didnt realise no photography was allowed! So there, I have a sample of what he does. Yes, Inkie's a man!!

8:05 PM: I finally get the chance to take pics of Selfridges' windows. I've been itching to do this for about a week now. I love the contraptions and I love the outifts! Here's a couple. I'll be doing a separate post on the windows very soon.

9:00 PM: Last stop for the day...dinner with FFE N at Tottenham Court Road. It's Korean for tonight and I got beef bibimbab. Yummy! Can't get enough of the red sauce!!!

I was home by 10:30 PM and I ended up having the longest convo I've ever had with my new rumie from France. She's an archeologist! Egypt, Turkey and Greece are her nice!

So there...a day in the life of your resident flaneuse....

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