Saturday, 31 May 2008

fashion meets finance

Fashion meets finance?? Literally, reminds me of myself. I love fashion and I want to be in the industry. I hated finance and I was part of that industry.

Look what I discovered...

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Is this for real?!? about to sleep i made a quick round of clicks of my fave blogs. The Cut reports on

An event created for the two highest profile, high-pressure industries in the city. Working in Fashion or Finance guarantees a number of enticing perks, but they both lack one crucial factor… it’s near impossible to meet someone of the opposite sex. Enter Fashion Meets Finance. What started as an idea discussed among fellow fashion colleagues is now an event in which bars have been packed to the point of lines out the door. Success is driven by both email distribution among the many fashion and financial companies of New York and simply word of mouth. (from

Purifying the dating scene eh? Providing the rich guy with the beautiful and stylish trophy wife to show off...providing the shopaholic her generous benefactor..hahaha...forgive me for the stereotypes!!!

Hey, I am not against it mind you. I believe it's a great idea. I wonder how the attendance levels are?? If they become successful, would they hop from one finance capital to another? from one fashion capital to another?

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