Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Which talk shall I go to tomorrow??

Yet another day for an insightful talk... Unfortunately, there are two talks tomorrow happening at the same time! Where will I be at 7pm ??

At LSE, Matt Mason will talk about his new book, The Pirate's Dilemma, which explores how youth culture and its relentless innovation has changed the way the world works by transforming underground scenes into global industries.

Since I'm in a Fashion Cultural Studies class, this one would be really useful. Not to mention, our essay for this class is due in 2 weeks!

At the Apple store in Regent Street, my favourite blogger Susie of Style Bubble will be talking about Fashion on the Internet. She will be joined by Guy Hipwell and Elliott Sainsbury of


Which one shall it be? Help!!! xoxo

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cupcakes & muffins said...

hey hey girlie!!
Ima so happy that u started ur own blog :)

as for which one you should go to, I would have to say...Susie's.(forget about school work)

Hope that helps!

luv cupcakes & muffins (^o^)