Wednesday, 3 September 2008

On GG's comeback...

First thing I did when I woke up today was look for a link to Gossip Girl Season 2's first episode, Summer Kind of Wonderful. What I was wondering was what would be left to see when I've seen 3 sneak peaks maybe equal to 10 mins plus the first 5 mins which was released. As always, GG didnt disappoint! Long live the Chuck and Blair witty word war! My favourite line would be from Gossip Girl though: Karma's a bitch, we know Blair Waldorf is. Ha ha ha!

What caught my attention was how Vitamin Water was extensively promoted during the episode! I wonder how much damage it left on Witamin Water's promotion budget! It was hilarious when Serena's grandma showed her invitation to Dan and you could see Vitamin Water logo...add to that Jenny asking for Rescue Vitamin Water. My favourite VW related scene would be the one below...with Chuck Bass drowning his Blair sorrow with alcohol...leaving bottles of Vitamin Water untouched in the background...what a placement! I swear if he used one to chase his alcoholic drink I would die! Well I just hope GG doesnt go too commercial given that brands are wanting to get the reach of the show. But hey, on the brighter side...that might lead to more budget for the wardrobe department! And that we will always enjoy :D

PS. I always...girls wore headbands as Blair did...will we be seeing GG followers toting Vitamin Water bottles...I know I wont! Ha ha...xoxo

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