Thursday, 11 September 2008

alfajor surprise

i was torn on whether to go home or head to K's place yesterday. i left it all up to chance and decided that whichever bus comes first, the one headed to my place, or the one headed to her place, would be the one take...and home it was!

and as my roomie is away i was left with an empty room with a sweet surpise...atop my table was this:

alfajor from argetina!! all that sinful caramel! sweet tooth heaven! what would a wandergirl be without tasting sweets from around the world now no?!? one good friend described i often have a salad and five courses for dessert meal...

anyhoo, the reason i was delighted...back in the philippines, one could only get alfajor from baguio..up north..which means someone you know should bring it back for you from a trip's how alfajor from good shepherd baguio looks like...

as always, anything from the philippines is far sweeter than any variant available..
good bet would be alfajor landing in the country through the spanish conquistadores and their friends..then again this type of alfajor is more common in south america..oh well..bottomline is it's another trace of latino culture in the pacific islands!

ps. another surprise was finding the stove left open!! scaary...and unsurprisingly i burned my two fingers with the electric stove..i guess that's punishment for my caramel sin ;p

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