Wednesday, 15 October 2008

on buying fashion magazines

Reading fashion magazines was probably the leading factor/influence that got me into fashion. I was 13 when a cousin from the US brought home Seventeen. I loved it and dad (metrosexual dad) got me a subscription. It was 2 months late because of the turtlish Philippine post but I was always ecstatic when it was time to open my brown envelope with crisp new magazine (sans barcode). Back when i was in Uni the first time..16-20..ahem ahem..I would read at least 5 magazines a month from cover to cover. Then came the internet addiction and the addiction to fashion blogs ans websites..slowly slowly my love for my glossies waned. I got the information I need from news online and the lush fashion editorials always got posted online. The fact that my storage space in London is almost non-existent didn't really home in the Philippines I have like a decade worth of magazines neatly arranged in my bedroom/warehouse.

I don't think magazines will go away. It's in the same way radio didnt really disappear when TV came. There will be changes in how magazines are produced and consumed and I hope they are for the better. Now, I'm just happy to buy glossies that are collector worth. So in the last couple of months my purchases included the all black Vogue Italia, Carla Bruni cover for Vanity Fair (which I decided to buy for a friend instead) and most recently this amazing Harper's Bazaar with Stephanie Seymour Swarovski cover.

Stephanie Seymour is my fave Super...I cant get enough of her face! Nine kids and she can still manage to go naked on a cover of a magazine! And the Swarovski detailing of Marc Quinn is lush. He is more famously known for his gold statue of Kate Moss. The contents of the magazine are top as well.

That is what I'm talking about..With new media rising, the challenge for magazines is to come up with innovative and relevant material that will entice the audience to hit the newsstands, grab a copy and turn the pages instead of just sitting and clicking away. I must say number 1 and 2 on my list are Vogue Paris and Vogue Italia. Now..if only I could read them..;) then again isn't it luxury to have someone read it to you..;p

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