Saturday, 14 June 2008

thoughts on the terno

June 12 saw Philippine Independence Day posts for bloggers. My favourite one (although I dont think it was intended for the event) was by Manila Fashion Oberver. She was answering a question on what to wear on an International Day at a conference. Personally, I've always wanted to wear the terno; the national dress for Filipinas. If only it were easy to pack! I believe the last time I wore it was in 2006 at the Asia Pacific Exchange Leadership Development Seminar of AIESEC in Bohol.

Yup! That's me in butterfly sleeves! Of course no one else can carry the terno with such a regal air as Imelda Marcos. And mind you she's still at it...
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She wore it to all her state visits when she was First Lady. I believe after her, no one was able to pull it off. Once in the news, I saw her ternos being brought out and being transported to some warehouse as part of the sequestered Marcos lot. How sad! Imagine..those pieces were painstakingly made by Filipnas working for her favourite designers. And the details!!! Ornate embroidery, crystals, gold or silver thread...I hope one day they properly catalog them and put everything in a museum along with her shoes..
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Now, fast forward to globalisation era...has the terno died?? I don't think so! In fact, I believe with the recent Pinoy movements by my generation, the terno has become more accessible. With independent designers like Ilaya couture producing modern day terno tops, we are more encouraged to wear them. Below is a pic of mi amiga C in said modern version made more contemporary being paired with jeans. I want one for myself!

What Manila Fashion observer has pointed out is that Lesley Mobo of Jasmine de Milo has reinterpreted the terno in the label's AW08 collection. However, Jasmine Al Fayed in her interview with mentioned that her inspiration for the collection was Japanese anime! Hhhhhmmm...I don't really want to go into the debate of it all. Rather, I'd be happy if butterfly sleeves suddenly go into the fashion radar! By then, I'll be happy parading my local modern ternos around! And of course I'll wear proper ones to evening functions...

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This wanderer may have a fixation for living in foreign lands...but deep down inside I'm still absolutely Pinay!!


su amiga C said...

i miss you ana! i just dropped by to check your chica blog after a long time. your terno post made me feel homesick. it has been a year since our bacolod adventure. *sigh*

Lester Cavestany said...

the terno is truly filipiniana. national artist ramon valera is given credit for it. who's to say that mobo's new take on it won't take off. all it needs is a bit of support. thoughts?

A Wander Girl said...

hi lester!

i definitely agree...filipinas should be more proud of wearing the terno...this season shoulders are a mainstream fashion trend..little did they know filipinas have been working it long before everyone else :)