Tuesday, 5 May 2009

all things yellow

Trying to kill time waiting for a university letter, I headed over to Selfridges and stopped at the usual suspects..NARS and Kiehl's counter, magazine section, Artisan du Chocolat and then I remembered with all the yellowness around me that there was an exhibit downstairs for Selfridges 100th birthday...Ive never seen so much yellow in my life!

Random faves...

red is for oscars, purple for mtv, yellow is for thee..

look at what i found in the kid's corner...why hey he's a kid at heart

(Outside) rubber ducky you're the one...you make bath time time lots of fun...

Now I just have to wait to run into the Selfridgettes...of course in their Giles rubber ducky dresses...

I wonder if it's the best way to celebrate your 100th?

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