Thursday, 11 June 2009

on the tom ford experience

Tom Ford in Selfridges. Shriek! I am so there! Hang on...Tom Ford in Selfridges??? Signing perfume bottles?? Errrmm...for someone so A-list and someone with known for astronomical prices in luxury the image of him signing perfume bottles is somewhat too mass for me and my friends.

Now, we all know this guy is smart and that through his sunglasses he was able to find his clothing venture. However, we do believe there is no need to remove the mystery of his porelessness and for us to see him in real life. Did Tom do this to say thank you to his fans? We think not. Did Tom do this because he was paid a hefty sum by Selfridges as part of their 100th year celeb? Maybe..hhmm...Coz you see..let's do the math. Minimum purchase is 100 pounds per bottle. Let's say 100 people queued to meet and greet Mr. Sex Personified. That's just 10, 000 pounds which is probably not even one suit from his tailoring line. Then again, he gave the exclusive perfume deal to Selfridges, so maybe he came with the package.

Hey, this post is not to say I didn't enjoying seeing him in the flesh...and the staff doing last minute prep by using lint remover to clean the carpet he was going to stand on..and seeing beautiful boys surround him and hold his pens for signing...

Maybe a talk at LCF next time Mr. Ford?

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