Tuesday, 13 January 2009

at zero longitude...

london has been all gloom lately..what with the recession rearing it's ugly head plus the rain clouds finally pouring in...with that said i'm quite glad K and I decided to go on a touristy day just before uni started...first full day for one of my best sale finds...15 pound gray boots from zara which was originally 69 pounds..

it was a rather quick ride from baker street to canary wharf to cutty sark dlr..must have been the endless blabbering we were doing... first stop was greenwich foot tunnel with the cheap thrill of knowing you are underneath the river thames..

then we were off to the maritime museum to visit a friend...spent some time at the nelson part of the exhibition...they even had his hair which nelson saved in order to be given to his wife! we waisted no time in heading to the observatory hill to see zero longitude...another cheap thrill of being in two places at once...or none at all!

im not so sure if it was a completely picturesque view provided by the hill...amazing breadth but then again from that point you could also see the london smog...makes me want to walk more everyday...
a day of walking for us always ends up either with food or shopping..as we were near borough market (my fave foodie market) I decided to give K a tour...we had a rainy day must eat of grilled swiss cheese sandwiches and shared a falafel wrap..

no sweet tooth can escape a visit to konditor & cook! K got the orange whiskey bomb and I got the banana walnut cake. it was quite a shame that there was only one table for customers to eat. not to mention it was outside! perfect drinks for our cakes were from next door monmouth coffee company then again we couldnt bring food from outside..so we just headed back to baker street where we could comfortably eat our cake and sip our coffee while looking at holiday photos..

the cakes were oh so delish..they were moist and dense and had just the right sweetness in the frostings..the latte and cappuccino from monmout coffe company were strong and simple..perfect pairings!

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Anonymous said...

"being in two places at once...or none at all!"
Classic, I'll keep it in my ammo warehouse.