Monday, 26 January 2009

on trend analysis

I've found this matrix last year and im really looking forward to seeing more of it in WSJ's fashion section. One can say it's a bit of intellectualising fashion and I love it at that! What better way to put this trend mish mash era that we are having.

One thing that it is useful for is for shopping these days. It's the last day of sales and when on the hunt for bargains, one should make sure of the longevity of wear remaining in the garment. It's very convenient to see retro to futuristic trends at work and at play. Come on ladies...if we must spend then when we must spend on must still be in style!

For the real thing with write ups: Wall Street Journal Spring Fashion 2009

1 comment:

Leng said...

i'd love to pull off the marc jacobs look (because i'm biased!) hahah.
nonetheless, loooove michael kors and philip lim! and if i had super long legs, i'd love to have the ysl outfit (especially the shoes). haha. thanks for this, ana!